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  1. Our Latest Toybox Update

    Our Latest Toybox Update

    Executive Summary:

    In the past year, Guatemala City has witnessed a surge in organised crime and violence primarily stemming from gangs and drug trafficking. Consequently, nightwork and distributing food has been dangerous thus working in collaboration with other agencies to be safe. Political tensions have heightened since the presidential elections, with attempts to undermine the successful anti-corruption candidate Bernard Arevalo. October 2023 marked a significant period of unrest in the capital city, marked by widespread protests and roadblocks, disrupting daily life and posing substantial risks to children living or working on the streets. In response to this crisis, your generous support provided 150 hot meals for hungry children. Despite President Arevalo assuming office, the situation is tense and dangerous for our partner staff at night. We have observed an increase on the number of children on the streets drawn by the food offered by numerous local

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  2. Valentine's Recipes!

    Valentine's Recipes!

    Iced Ruby Chocolate Latte 

    An incredibly creamy latte with indulgent buttery and red fruit notes.


    • 3CL 1883 Ruby Chocolate Syrup
    • 15CL Cold Whole Milk
    • Double Espresso
    • Ice Cubes


    1) Pour the syrup and half of the milk into the cup and stir gently.

    2) Fill with ice.

    3) Pour in the rest of the milk.

    4) Add ice to taste, then the double expresso.

    5) Garnish with whipped cream.




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  3. Our New Seasonal Coffees for February!

    Our New Seasonal Coffees for February!

    Our latest batch of seasonal coffees have arrived for a limited time only! Every quarter we have a new range out, with our latest limited offerings - to ensure you don't miss out be sure to sign up for our newsletter where we'll notify you of additions to our product range and other offers. You can sign up to this by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking "Newsletter Signup".

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