Confectionery & Sundries

From sugar sticks to biscuits we’ve got Fairtrade, Organic and gluten free options across a wide range of products.

We are all about Fairtrade

Why Fairtrade?

Do you want to change the world? Now’s your chance. Your workplace, café or church could be making a difference to people’s lives by switching to Fairtrade. In return:

  • A stronger profile - you’d be in good company – there are over 10,000 Fairtrade Groups in the UK including towns, schools, faith groups and universities.

  • Evidence of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability activities.

Switching is easy - with every cup of tea and coffee and every spoonful of sugar you can make a difference, including adding to the Fairtrade Premium which farmers can invest in their businesses, and both farmers and workers in community projects like better health facilities and clean water.


  • Sugar
    Fairtrade white and brown sugar sticks. Branded white and brown sugar sticks. Unbranded white and brown sugar sticks or sachets. Sweetener. Coffee sugar sticks
  • Milk & Cream
    Milk and Cream portions for coffee.
  • Milkshakes & Toppings
    Top Up your Hot Chocolate with Fruit Crispies, Chocolate Curls, Chocolate Powder, Mini Marshmallows and Whipped Cream. You will never look back!
  • Biscuits & Cakes
    Our Walkers Assorted Biscuits 100 by 25g (Belgian Chocolate, Fruit & Lemon, Stem Ginger and Oat & Honey) have the fantastic price of £17.90. Caramelised Speculoo Biscuit by 300 Price: £11.99
  • YoYo
    Healthy Snacks for your children. 100% Fruit, our Dry Fruit Snacks are a hit.