The best coffee should always be freshly roasted. Our coffee beans are roasted twice a week in environmentally friendly, energy-efficient roasters for consistently good, fresh coffee in every bag - for more information on specific roasts and blends click through to our Espresso Beans page. Fairtrade coffee solutions for every taste and every budget.

We are all about Fairtrade

Why Fairtrade?

Do you want to change the world? Now’s your chance. Your workplace, café or church could be making a difference to people’s lives by switching to Fairtrade. In return:

  • A stronger profile - you’d be in good company – there are over 10,000 Fairtrade Groups in the UK including towns, schools, faith groups and universities.

  • Evidence of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability activities.

Switching is easy - with every cup of tea and coffee and every spoonful of sugar you can make a difference, including adding to the Fairtrade Premium which farmers can invest in their businesses, and both farmers and workers in community projects like better health facilities and clean water.



  • Espresso Beans
    Our Fairtrade Beans are sold in individual 1kg coffee bags or bulk, in boxes of 6 by 1kg bags of fresh espresso beans - Buy online easy. We are all about ethical coffee solutions using the very latest technology of one of the UK’s largest and most modern roasting plants. We are able to ensure coffee excellence and continuity at the lowest of prices.
  • Filter Sachets
    Best Fresh Ground Coffee, Fairtrade and Ethical, to respond to your Filter Coffee needs - for office, congregations, conferences and churches, to use with any filter equipment. Buy your coffee from our online store, no contracts, no hidden prices, and no minimum order requirements.
  • Bulk Filter
    Ground Coffee in bulk bags, Fairtrade and Ethical, for large events, offices, congregations, conferences and churches, fairly traded, Ethically sourced, fit to use with any filter equipment. Whether you are seeking a filter coffee solution for your office, board room or the general workplace, why not enjoy the many benefits of freshly brewed filter coffee for large groups of people and church congregations.. No contracts, no hidden prices, and no minimum order requirements, just great ethical coffee and top branded equipment at unbeatable prices.
  • Instant Coffee
    A complete range of instant coffees, packed in tubs, bags or one cup sachets, to fit your everyday coffee needs. If you are a business, office, charity or church, you can find the best Fairtrade instant coffee in our online shop. From 2g Fairtrade Clipper Coffee sticks and sachets, to 100g or 200g Fairtrade Instant coffee Jars, 500g Instant coffee tubs and 300g bags. The Fairtrade Organic Clipper Instant Coffee is really the best. Our fantastic partnership with Clipper allow us to offer you the instant freeze dried coffee granules at the best prices on the market. Kingdom Coffee have produced their own brand of Instant Coffee Granules in order to be able to provide our customers with quality instant coffee granules at the cheapest prices. In this respect we encourage you to try our Kingdom Gold Fairtrade Instant Coffee Granules in tubs of 500g or in bags of 300g, or our Kingdom Smooth Rainforest Alliance Instant Coffee Granules, also in tubs of 500g or bags of 300g.
  • Single Serve
    A wide range of Single Serve products from Nespresso Compatible capsules, sachets of instant coffee and Filter Coffee in a bag.
  • Capsules
    Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Capsules. Our range includes three compostable varieties and five aluminium varieties that are sold in handy boxes of 10 and are fully compatible with most capsule machines.
  • Cafetiere & Coffee at Home
    Fairtrade and Ethical Cafetiere Coffee - suitable to use at home or at the office. We also provide cafetieres, small, medium and large.
  • Coffee Hampers
    A beautiful gift box containing fresh ground filter or cafetiere coffee, box of everyday teabags and assorted Island Bakery Organics or Walker Biscuits.