Our New Seasonal Coffees for February!

Our latest batch of seasonal coffees have arrived for a limited time only! Every quarter we have a new range out, with our latest limited offerings - to ensure you don't miss out be sure to sign up for our newsletter where we'll notify you of additions to our product range and other offers. You can sign up to this by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking "Newsletter Signup".

This batch has three different coffees available in whole bean form.

The first coffee we have is our Nicaraguan Coffee.

This coffee is from the region of Jinotega, home to Asociacion Aldea Global Jinotega, where various farmers come together to produce this special Nicaraguan coffee scoring an incredible 84 points. SHG stands for strictly high grown and specifies the altitude at which the coffee is grown. All SHG coffee must be grown at 1,200 metres above sea level or higher, the higher altitude and lower temperatures mean that the coffee fruit matures more slowly creating a denser bean.

The Nicaragua SHG boasts white floral hints and a splash of melon sweetness. Dive into the deep, satisfying notes of Belgian dark chocolate, complemented by a subtle touch of molasses. The journey concludes with a nuanced prune finish, creating a balanced and memorable coffee experience.

Altitude - 1200 metres above sea level
Notes - White Floral, Melon, Belgian Dark Choc, Molasses, Prune
Strength - 3 out of 5

Beans - 103-407


The second coffee we have is our Indian Coffee.

This coffee presents a captivating fusion of flavours, offering a full-bodied and aromatic experience. With a strong aftertaste and low acidity, this brew promises a delightful journey for those who savour complex and well-balanced flavours.

Altitude - 760-1010 metres above sea level
Notes - All Spicy, Chocolate, Cocoa Nibs, Liquorice, Full Body

Strength - 4 out of 5

Beans - 103-408




The third coffee we have is our Honduran Coffee.