1. £100,000 donated in ten years!

    £100,000 donated in ten years!

    We finally did it. Thanks to the support of our customers, we have finally hit our target of £100,000 donated to Toybox in ten years! We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their orders, no matter how big or small, as you have allowed us to support what is such an amazing cause. We receive regular reports from Toybox detailing the positive impacts made by these donations which you can read on our other blogs such as our most recent update.

    For over 30 years, Toybox have been working alongside street children, first in Latin America and now in Asia and Africa. Their core purpose today remains consistent with the reason Toybox was created - to help children

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  2. Our Latest Toybox Update

    Our Latest Toybox Update

    Executive Summary:

    In the past year, Guatemala City has witnessed a surge in organised crime and violence primarily stemming from gangs and drug trafficking. Consequently, nightwork and distributing food has been dangerous thus working in collaboration with other agencies to be safe. Political tensions have heightened since the presidential elections, with attempts to undermine the successful anti-corruption candidate Bernard Arevalo. October 2023 marked a significant period of unrest in the capital city, marked by widespread protests and roadblocks, disrupting daily life and posing substantial risks to children living or working on the streets. In response to this crisis, your generous support provided 150 hot meals for hungry children. Despite President Arevalo assuming office, the situation is tense and dangerous for our partner staff at night. We have observed an increase on the number of children on the streets drawn by the food offered by numerous local

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  3. A Big Thank You - Toybox Charity Update

    A Big Thank You - Toybox Charity Update

    In this post, we wanted to share how choosing Kingdom Coffee and our products helps us continue to support Toybox, an amazing charity who aim to help street children and run prevention and outreach projects in Guatemala City. The following comes from a report we have been sent by Toybox directly.

    Over the last 12 months, your generosity has helped some of the most vulnerable children on the streets:
    • 100 street children and young people a month were provided with night-time support with the distribution of food, drinks and given basic medical care.
    • Over 100 street children were actively involved in life skills workshops, recreational activities and/or child rights workshops, where they also received food & drinks.
    • 63 street children accessed therapeutic and psycho-social support.
    • 38 street children accessed health care.
    • 95 young people in street situations were supported & gained work skills.
    • 343 street children and young people were suppor

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  4. £100 000 Donation to Toybox

    £100 000 Donation to Toybox

    written by Lynne Morris OBE



    ... is a UK charity working with street children in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Toybox started its work in Guatemala City in 1992, we are still there today, working with children who have been plunged into the chaos of living or working on the streets. We believe no child should have to live on the streets and strive for a world in which every child can access their basic human rights and live a happy, fulfilled life. Our vision is of a just world, with no street children.


    Kingdom Coffee

    Toybox and Kingdom Coffee have a 12-year partnership and to date Kingdom Coffee have donated over £80,000 to Toybox with a pledge to donate £100,000 in 10 years. Over the l

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  5. Guatemala City - Outreach Project for street children

    Guatemala City - Outreach Project for street children

    Partnering with Toybox in their outreach program for the street children of Guatemala


    Short Report - Summer 2022

    "Across our Latin American partners, there have been anecdotal reports of increases in levels of insecurity for partner staff and for project participants in all three countries. While multiple factors are at play, it is clear that the pandemic has led to huge increases in economic instability and increased numbers of children on the streets, as well as increased levels of substance abuse.

    GUATEMALA: Capital - Guatemala City; Population: 17.25m; Covid-19 Cases: 897,612*; Deaths: 18,504*

    *Figures – 28 June 2022

    In G

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