Supplying the UK's favourite Fairtrade and Organic Teas and Infusions from British tea companies Clipper Teas and Birchalls. Clipper Teas launched their first Fairtrade tea back in 1994 and are proud to be the UK’s No.1 Fairtrade tea company. Birchalls, founded in 1872, have offered Fairtrade and Rainforest certified tea for over a decade.

We are all about Fairtrade

Why Fairtrade?

Do you want to change the world? Now’s your chance. Your workplace, café or church could be making a difference to people’s lives by switching to Fairtrade. In return:

  • A stronger profile - you’d be in good company – there are over 10,000 Fairtrade Groups in the UK including towns, schools, faith groups and universities.

  • Evidence of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability activities.

Switching is easy - with every cup of tea and coffee and every spoonful of sugar you can make a difference, including adding to the Fairtrade Premium which farmers can invest in their businesses, and both farmers and workers in community projects like better health facilities and clean water.


  • Everyday Tea
    Our complete range of everyday tea is carefully and beautifully packed, full of fresh and exciting flavours. Click through and purchase via our online store.
  • Enveloped 25's & 250's
    We are proud to offer tea in recyclable individual envelopes. Each teabag is plastic free and the string is made out of organic cotton.
  • Enveloped Occasions 20's
    With a flavour to suit every palette, they’re a delicious plant-powered way to boost a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy these Occasions herbal infusions from Clipper.
  • Clipper Green Tea
    Produced with the highest quality leaves and the expertise only from trusted Fairtrade & organic estates.
  • Clipper White Tea
    White tea has a very refined, subtle, but deliciously rounded flavour. It is traditionally from China, as symbolised by the lovely dragon on the Clipper packs.
  • Clipper Retail
    Our Clipper Retail range of delicious unbleached and plastic free teabags.
  • Loose Tea
    Our range of loose leaf tea includes Clipper's delicious range and as well as Birchall's bulk range of refined teas.
  • Clipper Point of Sale
    A range of Clipper Point of Sale items ideal for use in all environments.
  • Equipment
    A range of high quality water boilers ideal for making tea on any scale, from a three litres to twenty or more!