Cold Drinks

Cool refreshing cold drinks for every occasion

We are all about Fairtrade

Why Fairtrade?

Do you want to change the world? Now’s your chance. Your workplace, café or church could be making a difference to people’s lives by switching to Fairtrade. In return:

  • A stronger profile - you’d be in good company – there are over 10,000 Fairtrade Groups in the UK including towns, schools, faith groups and universities.

  • Evidence of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability activities.

Switching is easy - with every cup of tea and coffee and every spoonful of sugar you can make a difference, including adding to the Fairtrade Premium which farmers can invest in their businesses, and both farmers and workers in community projects like better health facilities and clean water.


  • Coolers
    A delicious range of coolers using Kool Kup Frappe Mix and various 1883 syrups.
  • Iced Teas
    A range of 1883 Ice Tea Syrups perfect for creating a refreshing cool treat.
  • Frappes
    A delicious range of Frappe using Kool Kup Frappe Mix and various 1883 syrups.
  • Flavoured Milk
    Our range of Flavoured Milk Cartons designed for children.
  • Shmoo Thickshakes
    Our range of delicious and thick Shmoo milkshakes.