Valentine's Recipes!

Iced Ruby Chocolate Latte 

An incredibly creamy latte with indulgent buttery and red fruit notes.


  • 3CL 1883 Ruby Chocolate Syrup
  • 15CL Cold Whole Milk
  • Double Espresso
  • Ice Cubes


1) Pour the syrup and half of the milk into the cup and stir gently.

2) Fill with ice.

3) Pour in the rest of the milk.

4) Add ice to taste, then the double expresso.

5) Garnish with whipped cream.




Ruby Heart

A creamy hot drink with the sweet flavour of chocolate and red fruit.


- 0,8CL 1883 Ruby Chocolate Syrup

- 1,5CL 1883 Chocolate Syrup

- Double Espresso

- 26CL Cold Whole Milk


1) Pour the syrup and sauce into the mug.

2) Pour in the expresso.

3) Foam the milk and add it to the mug.

4) Decorate with Ruby Chocolate powder and serve.