1. Global Green Directory

    Global Green Directory

    We have recently become a member of the Global Green Directory. Through this, you can read more about our sustainable achievements as well as looking forwards towards our sustainable goals.

    As Global Green celebrate almost 30 years of non-profit leadership in advancing solutions for climate change to help the people, places, and planet in need, they are encouraging the corporate world to band together to shift whole industries and sectors towards social, environmental, and

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  2. Our Christmas Offerings

    Our Christmas Offerings

    This Christmas period is going to be unique in a lot of ways. However, we are committed to providing our festive offerings despite all that is going on.

    We have a range of new Christmas products including the new Clipper Advent Calendar (102-235), our new KC Christmas Coffee Gift Box (400-000) and for some recipe ideas for Hot Chocolates creations, visit our previous Blog titled

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  3. Winter Warmers

    Winter Warmers

    As Winter approaches, many cafes want a high quality and luxurious offering for their customers. One of the most popular elements of this winter offering is hot chocolate in its various forms. We have spent some time creating the following videos using our hot chocolate and syrup range including the following:

    • Luxury Christmas Hot Chocolate
    • Winter Chocolate Mint
    • Chocolate Orange

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  4. In defence of Fairtrade…

    In defence of Fairtrade…

    Following on from our previous blog post titled “The Real Cost Of Convenience – Why Some Subscription Coffee Plans Are Flawed” (which if you have not read, you can find at the bottom of this post) we will look into claims and comments made about the ethicality of certain subscription coffees and Fairtrade.

    From the outset, we should reiterate our support for and belief in the Fairtrade Project. Over the last 25 years it has driven consumers to consider the origins and ethicality of the goods that they purchase and to question the fairness of treatment for many. Fairtrade have enriched many lives and regions, with fair payments and management as well as tackling social issues and environmental issue. This is often done by working with small farmers who wouldn’t have access to the global market and improving the quality of the

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  5. The Real Cost Of Convenience – Why Some Subscription Coffee Plans Are Flawed

    The Real Cost Of Convenience – Why Some Subscription Coffee Plans Are Flawed

    A market trend that has emerged in the last few years and particularly through lockdown has been the rise of subscription-based coffee companies. The premise is simple, a monthly fee is paid for a monthly delivery keeping you topped up for your coffee hit. Typically, we try to keep these blog posts positive, but it is tough to see a positive spin on the business practices of some companies who do this.

    With one of the leading companies that offer this subscription, they offer a free V60 kit worth £11 on their website. A free one-time "gift" of £11 is not all it seems though for several reasons. Firstly, this price is extremely high for a Hario V60 dripper in plastic. We sell the exact same model from the exact same producer for £5.82 (code 999-600). As such, the initial value of this "gift" is overstated by almost double the actual price.

    Secondly and most shockingly is that this is used to tempt you into their subscription plans despite the considerable pricing. 250g of the lowest price coffee beans available will cost £7.95, or 46p per cup (please note this is the listed price, despite the fact that mathematically this does not make sense as the 250g, at £7.95, is listed as able to make 15 cups, and as such is actually at 53p per cup). Our lowest price offering in the 500g variant (103-840) costs £5.90, and should, by their calculations, provide 30 cups at a price of just under 20p per cup. This pricing disparity deepens when larger quantities are ordered. Our lowest price 1kg of beans costs £9.08, providing 60 cups per their calculations, at a price of 15p per cup.

    As a result of all this pricing, the £5.82 "gift" you receive will save you money up until your 22nd cup of coffee with comparison to our 500g offering, or your 19th cup for our 1kg offering (please bear in mind we have given them the benefit of the doubt and used their 46p per cup calculation here as opposed to the more mathematically accurate 53p per cup). After that, this “free gift” will have paid for itself and the hope is that you will stay with said company for the convenience or simply because you don’t think to question the pricing. Some may claim that ease of use and convenience is worth it, but we believe that spending up to 67% more per cup of coffee is not a price worth paying.

    We also believe it is inconsistent to preach of fairness and morality when overcharging customers by up to 67% per cup of coffee and overstating the value of a “gift” to make it look like

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  6. Coffee at Home

    Coffee at Home

    With working from home on the increase, having a good quality cup of tea or coffee to hand doesn’t need to cost the earth. We have adapted to the changing climate by bringing out our own at home range with a wide variety of products for all to enjoy.

    Whether you need a home brewing solution, pods for your Nespresso machine or beans we have a coffee solution for you. From V60 filters and cafetieres to an at home bean grinder we can help you get the caffeine fix you need! And for the tea lovers out there, we have a wide variety of Clipper’s own unbleached and plastic-free teabags in handy consumer-friendly packaging.

    Please click

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  7. Environmental Responsibility

    Environmental Responsibility

    An area of our Corporate Social Responsibility that we also try to encourage, alongside our charitable aims and support, is our environmental responsibility. This means adapting our business and the products we offer to ensure the greenest outcome. As such, we have a wide range of initiatives we have undertaken as well as a range of products available to ensure you meet your own personal targets and aims.


    A few examples of what we have done to reduce our footprint:

    In the Office

    • - We utilise scrap paper and repurpose it for note taking as well as taking orders.
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  8. Leaves and Lattes

    Leaves and Lattes

    Whilst we all miss the beautiful summer weather, autumn does have some benefits. Namely delicious coffee and bakery treats infused with quintessentially autumnal tastes. We supply the following syrups that will help you embrace what has become such a large part of the café culture; Pumpkin (100-605), Gingerbread (100-662), Toffee Crunch (100-667), Toasted Marshmallow (100-628), Apple (100-625) and Cinnamon (100-616).


    One of our personal favourites is the Toffee Crunccino, a delicious twist on the Cappuccino.

    1 - Put two pumps of Toffee Crunch Syrup into a cup.

    2 - Run an Espresso through into the same cup.

    3 - Sprinkle with cinnamon powder.

    4 - Warm up milk with the steamer

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  9. Our partnership with Toybox: Guatemala City – outreach project & Covid-19 update

    Our partnership with Toybox: Guatemala City – outreach project & Covid-19 update

    Guatemala City itself is a place of contrasts. It has areas of beauty and opportunity but it’s also a highly dangerous place to live – especially for a child living and working on the street without official recognition. This means that street children can be used, neglected and abused by gangs and criminals, and are at significant risk of being trafficked.

    As we are undoubtedly facing a global crisis unlike any the world has ever seen before. In the space of just a few short months, the coronavirus pandemic has spread to almost every country, bringing grief, anxiety and economic chaos. As the outbreak continues, it is easy to miss those who are out of sight. Street children are the hidden victims of this pandemic – which threatens their rights and exposes them to even greater risks. So many of the street children we work with are unable to earn any money, and without a safe place to isolate, they become dependent on government support. But unregistered children are invisible– they do not officially exist, and cannot access any official help, which makes them even more vulnerable.

    Our street outreach is the vital way for project staff to begin to build trust and relationships with street children but since mid-May the country has been in lockdown has meant that the project staff have been unable to physically reach the children that have been abandoned on the city streets. So, all the outreach activities have had to be put on hold. Street children have complex needs, but by far their most pressing need is basic survival. As coronavirus is so easily transmissible, children on the streets are particularly susceptible to contracting it – and the two things which work best to prevent the spread – good hygiene practices and social distancing – are those that street children are simply unable to do. As many of the street children are dependent on casual work, living a hand-to-mouth existence, ways of earning any income have gone, increasing the children’s vulnerability with too many going to sleep hungry.


    Over the last 12 months, your generosity has helped some of the most vulnerable children on the streets:
    • 108 street connected children were provided with support with their basic needs.
    • 87 children were actively involved in life and recreational skill developing activities.
    • 40 children accessed therapeutic and psycho-social support.
    • 50 children were registered with their birth certificates and official legal identities.


    Your funding also meant that from the end of March we have been implementing a full emergency response. We were able to start responding prior to the forced quarantine, with a health day to train street connected children on coronavirus and how to protect themselves, and where to go for help if they have symptoms.


    We know street children already struggle to access essential services, so during times of crisis like these when healthcare systems are overstretched, they are even less likely to receive the care they so desperately need. Another huge challenge the street children are facing is linked to the rules and restrictions on movement and being out in public spaces. When lockdowns are enforced with criminal sanctions, those living on the streets are at a high risk of being prosecuted and further marginalised.

    Our partner CONACMI are working to ensure street children are given the emergency support they need to survive – food, water and medical care - as well as advocating to stop them being criminalised for being homeless. They are also working tirelessly to find places for children in shelters or with extended families.

    We know that isolation is putting some children at greater risk of abuse and neglect. We are also aware that the virus is driving children off the streets and back to the precarious situations they once fled from. In a country where violence against children is already at an overwhelming level – this could have serious and dangerous repercussions.

    For those children who remain on the streets, the team have been supporting overnight shelters to provide food, medicine and other essential services and working with local businesses to provide meals and food vouchers. For children living with their families, our partner is providing telephone guidance to encourage healthy parenting methods and to help rebuild relationships. They are also giving children phone credit so they can reach out to them for support and are also sharing videos with children on how to keep themselves safe. In order to protect children’s mental and physical health, they are offering counselling and online health check-ups.

    In three of the areas we work there is no access to running water, so our partner is bringing in a water truck to enable communities to have clean, safe water. The team are also working with local businesses to provide 15 children in Guatemala City with food each day and issuing food vouchers to 320 street children and their families who are most in need.

    The costs for these activities per month are totalling around £2,222:

    • Food vouchers & rations: £1,853
    • Hygiene and Medication: £176
    • Support supplies for shelters: £96
    • Information & support Materials on COVID-19: £96

    From the end of March, to mitigate the exchange rate fluctuations, we implemented a system of monthly budget transfers. We have received an adjusted budget based on their

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  10. The Roasting Journey

    The Roasting Journey

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