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  1. New FAIRTRADE Coffee Blends

    New FAIRTRADE Coffee Blends


    We are extending our FAIRTRADE Coffee Options


    Brazil Smooth (Fairtrade)

    100% Arabica Single Origin from Brazil

    This is a coffee that will suit most. The beans are a high quality and possess an intense sweetness in the form of caramel and chocolate notes, big bodies, and a relatively low acidity. The coffee beans are hand picked and dry processed. This involves removing the beans from the sweet cherries once dried. This allows the sweetness of the fruit to carry through to the final espresso.

    Perfect for Espressos and milky drinks such as cappuccinos, flat whites, and lattes.


    Italia Signature Blend (Fairtrade)

    This is a blend of some amazing Fairtrade coffee beans. These include Ethiopia Mocha, Indian Robusta AB, Brazil, and some Centrals. The blend gives a very rounded flavour that has strength and body to cut through milky drinks

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  2. Enjoy your Christmas Drink with Terry's Chocolate Orange

    Enjoy your Christmas Drink with Terry's Chocolate Orange

    Enjoy delicious coffee drinks with Terry's Chocolate Orange


    Terry's Mocha 

    2cl 1883 Terry’s Chocolate Orange Syrup
    2cl 1883 Chocolate Sauce
    2 Espressos
    20cl Milk


    Whipped Cream
    Grated Orange Zest


    Pour the syrup and sauce into a warm serving cup. Draw espresso into the cup and stir. Steam milk until hot then pour into cup. Garnish.

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  3. New Innovative 100% Plastic Free Disposable Lids

    New Innovative 100% Plastic Free Disposable Lids

    Compostable Disposable Lids - 100% Plastic Free


    Moulded Fibre Lids - An excellent sustainable alternative

    • 8oz Moulded Fibre Lid (White) (1000pk)
    • 12/16oz Moulded Fibre Lid (White) (1000pk)

    This new range of premium moulded fibre lids are made from renewable plant-based fibres and contain no plastic coatings.

    They have been ergonomically designed to enhance the drinking experience, whilst ensuring a secure fit on all cup formats (from 8 – 16oz)


    See Our Range of Compostable Lids

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  4. Discover the NEW Loose-Leaf Teas and Infusions

    Discover the NEW Loose-Leaf Teas and Infusions

    Darren and Jane Rayner Tea Tasting With the Clipper Teas Team


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  5. £100 000 Donation to Toybox

    £100 000 Donation to Toybox

    written by Lynne Morris OBE



    ... is a UK charity working with street children in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Toybox started its work in Guatemala City in 1992, we are still there today, working with children who have been plunged into the chaos of living or working on the streets. We believe no child should have to live on the streets and strive for a world in which every child can access their basic human rights and live a happy, fulfilled life. Our vision is of a just world, with no street children.


    Kingdom Coffee

    Toybox and Kingdom Coffee have a 12-year partnership and to date Kingdom Coffee have donated over £80,000 to Toybox with a pledge to donate £100,000 in 10 years. Over the l

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