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  1. The Roasting Journey

    The Roasting Journey

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  2. Late Winter & Spring Seasonal syrup recipes for tea and coffee

    Late Winter & Spring Seasonal syrup recipes for tea and coffee

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  3. ToyBox - Guatemala

    ToyBox - Guatemala

    Kingdom Coffee work with Toybox to fund projects in coffee growing regions around the world. Currently we are supporting a project in Guatemala

    CONACMI (the Spanish acronym for National Commission Against Child Abuse) has been working in Guatemala City since 1994. Their work has a specific focus on prevention and assistance to children and adolescents at risk of violence and abuse. Education and vocational training is a major component of their work.

    Santa Faz is an economically deprived area within Guatemala City, categorised as a red-zone by the Guatemalan government, it is one of the most dangerous areas in the country. Most of the population of Santa Faz come from socially excluded and marginalised families, with low levels of formal education, scarce income generating opportunities and a lack of access to basic services. Only 20% of the adult population are employed in the formal economy, the majority are unemployed or gain their livelihoods as street vendors. This

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