Decaf Espresso Arabica Sachets - 100 x 7g

100% Arabica Decaffeinated Filter Coffee in handy 7g packs

Pre-ground in portioned sachets for ease of use and maximum freshness

Our Decaff is 100% chemical free - our coffee beans are decaffeinated using the supercritical fluid extraction method where the coffee beans are pressurised using CO2 to extract the caffeine

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Why Our Coffee is The Best?


Sourcing the Pick of the Crop

At Kingdom Coffee we always demand the pick of the crop. We buy Grade 1 or "Strictly High Grown" - SHG - coffee beans.

By selecting only coffee beans from the highest elevations possible can we be sure that the bean has matured more slowly, grown to a larger size and with more density to create a more desirable cup.

There's no denying that coffee grown at higher elevations has the best origin flavour profiles for that country, they are sorted and graded by the farmers with greater care and attention and therefore command a higher premium price which we are very happy to pay!

We believe passionately that farmers should be rewarded fairly for their hard work and the quality of their crop.


Investing in the Purest and Cleanest Roast

ROASTING BETTER: We are unique in that we roast on a clean bed of air in small batches as opposed to conventional drum roasting - only 1% f coffee is roasted this way. Air roasting elevates the natural sweetness to give a smooth and pure taste. Unlike traditional roasting, the chaff, the skin of the bean, that surrounds the raw bean is removed during the air process whilst in normal roasting this is burnt onto the bean. This makes the resultant air roasted beans more pure as the beans will taste less burnt and acidic.

CONSISTENCY: Another benefit to Air Roasting is consistency - typical roasters rely upon roasting "to colour" which returns a high degree of variance from batch to batch. The Air Roasters rely upon exact metrics such as temperature and time with specific profiles that have been developed by our Q Grader, a certified coffee professional, to suit the particular bean. An exact science rather than guess work.

PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT: We all have to recognise and assess our individual impact upon the envirnment. Our new Air Roaster uses 30% less energy than a typical roaster and reduces wasted heat by recirculating it in a full enclosed system. We have a catalytic converter to ensure that harmful gases released are reduced by around 96%.


Our Beans are amongst the freshest on the market, being roasted to stock in the UK as opposed to importing roasted beans on a much longer timescale. Our Neotech roaster is more environmentally friendly, energy efficient and better than conventional drum roasters in that it can roast in specific small batches with unique roasting profiles that are able to compensate product variations and unfold the unique flavour of each individual coffee blend whilst reducing wasted heat by recirculating in the fully enclosed system.

Our range of Ethical coffees support our partnership with Toybox, who we aim to donate £100,000 over a period of ten years, having donated £50,000 in the last 5 years. This enabled Toybox to provide the resources needed for the street outreach team throughout 2020, conducting 240 visits to children in the most high-risk areas in Guatemala City as well as deliver 100 children across the city a warm and nutritious meal each week. Your continued support of Kingdom Coffee means that we can fund vital projects like this so thank you very much!

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