Decaffeinated Brazilian Arabica Capsules 1 x 10

Decaffeinated Nespresso® Compatible Aluminium Capsules 1 x 10

Decaffeinated Swiss Water® Washed Single-Origin Brazilian 100% Arabica coffee - smooth, mild and sweet with good notes of roasted peanut, soft milk chocolate and cookie dough.

This process uses no organic solvents, and instead only water is used to decaffeinate beans. A gentle process that is chemical free.


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All of our pods are made using aluminium for several reasons;

  • Quality – We strongly believe in delivering the highest quality of coffee possible. This works well with Aluminium as it protects the freshness and taste of our coffees as it is both flavourless and impermeable. In trials we have conducted, we have found that compostable pods in particular have struggled to maintain quality, ironically causing more waste.
  • Recyclability – All our pods are constructed using aluminium that is 100% recyclable – Aluminium is in fact commonly known as the “green metal” due to its recyclability. One tonne of recycled aluminium can be reused to save nine tonnes of CO2 emissions and four tonnes of Bauxite (the raw material aluminium is made from).
  • Compatibility – The strength and durability of aluminium is not only a positive in regards to preserving flavours, but also in simple compatibility. Whilst weaker materials deform, aluminium is relatively strong. Nespresso® Machines are designed for aluminium pods and as such, the minor deformations of weaker materials can result in a malfunction that at best will ruin your coffee, and at worst, create problems with your machine and create yet more waste.

So how can you help and recycle these pods at home?

These pods are designed so that they can go into your household recycling, however, you will need to make sure to remove coffee grounds from the pods before doing so.

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Brand Kingdom Coffee
Roast 4
Case type 10 by 5.4g
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