Our Beans - Highest Quality, Lowest Price

The Highest Quality


Having established long-standing relationships with producers within the coffee farming community, we consistently source the best Arabica and Robusta beans from over 40 origins across the Coffee Growing Belt. We buy only the best grades of "Strictly High Grown" (SHG) coffee beans or specialities. By selecting coffee beans from the highest elevations we can be sure that the bean has slowly matured, growing to a larger size with more density to create a consistently great taste profile. We primarily supply Fairtrade or Organic coffee as we believe that a fair deal that encourages conservation, whilst also avoiding the use of pesticides and certain agrochemicals, is hugely important for both our customers and our farmers.

Roasting Method

We are unique in that we roast on a clean bed of air in small batches as opposed to conventional drum roasting - only 1% of coffee is roasted this way. Air roasting elevates the natural sweetness to give a smooth and clean taste. Unlike traditional roasting, the chaff (the skin of the bean) that surrounds the raw bean is removed during the process whilst in normal roasting this is burnt onto the bean. This makes the resultant air roasted beans purer as the beans taste less burnt and less acidic.


Our beans are fresh, being roasted weekly in the UK rather than importing roasted beans on a much longer timescale. Our Neotec roaster is more environmentally friendly and energy efficient than conventional drum roasters in that it can roast in specific small batches with unique roasting profiles. This allows it to compensate for product variations and to unfold the unique flavour of each individual coffee blend whilst reducing wasted heat, recirculating this in the fully enclosed system. Not only does it typically use 40% less energy per kilo of coffee, it also boasts carbon capture technology.


The Lowest Price


We buy direct, ensuring no middle men or third parties add costs to you, the end consumer. By buying direct we do not have to buy in separate pallets saving on shipping costs. We actively consider forward hedging and currency management to ensure we get the most for our money.

Production & Processing

An initial high capital investment into state-of-the-art premises and machinery has ensured both a high level of quality control and consistency. This results in less wastage as well as a lower energy cost per kilo than other roasters, with semi automation resulting in a lower labour cost per kilo too.


We use full containers, ensuring that each container wastes no valuable space. We do not use any middle warehouse, handling agent or third party shipper and as such do not incur the fees commonly involved.